11x14 Print of Gardenia painting on watercolor paper

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...a lovely memory!



        It’s easy to fall in love with the flower, “Gardenia”, the queen of fragrant flowers. Like a Hollywood star, the Gardenia is as fussy as it is beautiful. Gardenias are best known for their fragrant white flowers with delicate petals you can’t touch…and they were very popular in days gone by for flower corsages.

        When I was 13 years old, friends of my parents asked if their son, attending Baylor (a private military school for boy’s seventh to twelfth grades) could invite me to go the first formal dance of the season …his dad would drive. Of course, I wanted to go and he gave me my “first corsage…Gardenias”. It was love at first site….the “Gardenia”, of course.   A lovely memory!